These Paintings Are Filled With Easter Eggs That Are Only Visible When You Zoom In


American artist Craig Alan is famous for creating pieces that are more than your average portrait. He creates unique depictions of pop-culture icons whose visage, at first glance, appears to be composed of tiny pixels. However, if you take a closer look, you will realize that they are made of dozens, sometimes hundreds of intricately painted exquisite figures.

Alan carefully plans his portraits and spends copious amounts of time creating each tiny figure. Each character has their own  identity and personality which he has thought through to the smallest detail – all with microscopic clothes, faces, and shadows. Sometimes he even adds a personal touch and paints caricatures of his family members and friends. The finished figures then culminate to form a spectacular and mesmerizing portrait.


Pablo Picasso

John Lennon

Martin Luther King Jr.

Muhammad Ali

Via: Bored Panda Art

Art Daily


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