Breathraking Oil Paintings Capture Moments of Traquility Below the Water’s Surface


Californian artist Isabel Emrich  paints dazzling depictions of women submerged in water. Each colorful oil captures moments of tranquility below the water’s surface, as the artist’ subjects float meditatively, welcoming the dancing sunlight from above. The artsit reveals, “My underwater collection is inspired by exploring the  sensations of peacefulness and calmness, combined with the energy from the movement of the waves you feel when submerged” 

Emrich describes her work as ” an Expressionistic style straddles both abstracion and figuration. ” Inspired by the work of Expressionism pioneers such as Van Gogh, her underwater paintings are rendered with an abundance of energetic brush strokes in a vibrant color palette. These layers of paint echo the fluid nature of water itself, capturing the sparkling light and ripples that reflect from the surface and illuminate the subjects’ skin.

Isabel Emrich: Website | Instagram

Via: My Modern Met

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