14 Amazing X-Ray Photos From A Zoo’s Annual Animal Health Check


Once in a while, zoos perform health checks on their beloved animals and you’d think that there couldn’t be anything really ‘artsy’ about it. Well, that’s what all of us thought until Oregon Zoo posted these incredible shots  from their animal x-rays , and the results look way cooler than you’d think.

Oregon Zoo’s digital media specialist told Bored Panda that he decided to share these images online after seeing an x-ray of a chameleon and thought it looked very cool, ” I went to our Veterinary  Center where the vets showed me a database  full of these incredible images. I thought these would be a spooky and fascinating way to look at wildlife during the Halloween season, but the response was unexpected. I love that teachers are using them in classrooms and adults are using them as games at Halloween parties.”

Scroll down to see these incredible images yourself, and don’t forget to check the zoo’s to learn more about their work!

#1 Chameleon

#2 Ball Python 

#3 A Tiger’s Paw

#4 A Beaver’s Tail

#5  Hedgehog (Dark Spot Is Gas In The Stomach)

#6 Toco Toucan

#7 Rodrigues Flying Fox 

#8 Fat Tailed Gecko

#9 Screech Owl

#10 A Turtle 

#11 There- Bnded Armadillo

#12 Wolf Eel 

#13 Flamingo 

#14 Dwarf Mongoose 


Via: Bored Panda Art 



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